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Introducing everyone who was involved in the Blue Pillio Domuse Shop.
(Sales in alphabetical order, honorific title omitted)






Ryu Kawada
Artist / painter


1988 Born in Niigata Prefecture
2015 Graduated from Tokyo Sculpture University Faculty of Sculpture Art Department
2018 Graduate School of Arts, Graduate School of Art, Master's Program Painting Director
2020 "Self-Portrait" BambINART GALLERY, Tokyo
2018 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2018 Marunouchi Prize (Audience Award)

 in charge/Canvas tote bag


Ai Sano
Artist / sculptor


Completed the sculpture of the Graduate School of Arts in Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016
A sculptor who mainly uses dragons and phantom beasts.
Using the strength and beauty of marble, the phantom world in your brain exists in the real world.

 in charge/Canvas tote bag






Toru Takeda
graphic designer


Born in 1998 in Sapporo
After graduating from Graphic Design, Hokkaido Art Design College, he belonged to a design company as a graphic designer.

in charge/Sticker


Ichihei Tsujio (TSUJIO DESIGN)
graphic designer


Born in Osaka in 1992.
After graduating from Seiyasu Jojin University, became independent in 2019 after working at TAKAIYAMA Inc., Trough architectural design office.
Business contents: Sign plan, product planning, logo, editorial

in charge/Volume 0 Box Post Card Set,Dot graphical T -shirt
Glass that spreads the blue world, Tabletop reversible mirror (large/small)


Yoshie Fukushima
graphic designer


Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Musashino College of Art University.
After 2020, from 2020 after Kozfish, soap manufacturer. He mainly works on logo design, branding, book design, etc.
Recent work includes the Snoopy Museum logo and font development, the new version of the Moomin Picture Book Series, the related graphics of the cultural complex facility PLAY!
Received the Japan Package Design Grand Prize.

in charge/Big Canvas Tote Bag,Painting -style hand cream (mount design)
Place of memories floating pen,Location of memories ring notes,Character flake seal to be pasted on a notebook
Blue Pillio Door Special Box (Comprehensive Direction, Rakugaki Book, Wood Box Box Box Box)

Asuka Wakita
Graphic designer art director


Born in 1993. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts Design Department, became independent after Kozfish.
While working on all kinds of culture, we will live a rich life.
In addition, individuals are producing and presenting works such as art books and scarves.
Published in '19 "Happening".

in charge/Painting style hand cream



Hnyu design
graphic designer


Study of Kyoto, Kyoto College of Arts (currently Kyoto University of the Arts) Department of Information Design
Freelance since 2013.
From commercial to doujinshi, he works on a wide range of manga designs and bindings.
"Child of the Weather" comicalization (Original: Makoto Shinkai Manga: Kubota Wataru Afternoon), etc.

in charge/Bookmark set,Maruman x Burpiri/ + 1 Crocky Book,Crushing clear seal
Blue Pillio Door Special Box (Purikura mount design)


graphic designer

Contact: Light valve Co., Ltd.

in charge/Yakumo Hotel style key chain


graphic designer

Twitter: @pap_p_i

Born in Tokyo in 1998, graduated from the International Department of International Regional Regional University in 2021.
Active as a freelance designer while at school.
Currently, he is a graphic designer and continues his activities as a freelance while belonging to a company.

in charge/Sticker


Shintaro Ichii
Aromatherapy Instructor Aroma Therapist

http: //Aromagift.net/

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture. Aroma gift representative. Founded in 2011.
AROME COURRIER and Noto brand have been developed, developing more than 200 kinds of essential oils and compounded fragrances.
Branding support for some listed companies with a scent. He also deals with many cosmetics development of resort facilities.
Actively support the community in Japanese aroma activities that extract aroma from plants nationwide.
(Public Corporation) AEAJ Certified Aromatherapy Instructor, A qualified aroma therapist.

in charge/Painting style hand cream


Sekiya Yurie
Illustrator / painter


Born in 1987 and lives in Tokyo.
2010 Graduated from Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design.
It features a big glittering eyesIllustrator / painter.Analog, digitalMainly draw animals and girls.
Apparel, character design, goods design, etc.A wide range of activities.

in charge/Cat mansion ticket holder


Illustrator / picture book writer


Born in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Hyogonosuke's picture book series (My Navi Publishing) is being published.

in charge/Place of memories floating pen,Location of memories ring notes,Character flake seal to be pasted on a notebook





Kenji Agata
Photographer Cinematographer


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1991
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts oil painting and completed prints. Part -time lecturer at the University of Design.
Corporate advertising shooting such as La Roche Posay. He has been active in a wide range of activities, including MV photography director, GINZA SONY PARK | Park Live, Louis Vuitton SS21, etc.

In charge / Product / scene shooting

Nanashima Maria
Photo / video writer

Instagram: @_nanashima

A photographer living in Tokyo.
MVorPVWebCMVideo shooting such as corporate advertisements, event distribution, etc.
He is involved in many still photography such as advertising materials and movies.
All discrimination, prejudice, environmental issues, etc.We practice to solve various social issues.
It also announced that it is a non -binary gender.

In charge / scene shooting (desktop reversible mirror)


Misaki Daichi
Hair and makeup artist/art director


Born in Tokyo.
Graduated from the Takayama Beauty College, the Buddha CHRISTIAN CHAUVEAU.
After working at a salon in Tokyo and NY, became independent as a hair and makeup artist.
Active in a wide variety of fashion, advertising, and stage.
He is also in charge of concerts and photo exhibition space production and scriptwriter as an art director.

In charge / Product / scene shooting


Daisuke Moroboshi


Graduated from the Department of Photography of the Faculty of Art, Tokyo Institute of Arts in 1999.
1999 Joined Light Bapri City Photo Department Co., Ltd.
Active as a freelance since 2019.

In charge / Product / scene shooting


Moeko Natsui
Web designer / illustrator


Born in Akita in 1991 and raised in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and Oil Painting Department.
He is currently active as an app/web designer after experiencing app/web development -production direction at IT companies.

In charge / Web design


Makoto Yoshikawa
Web director


Born in Nagano Prefecture. About four years ago, he has been involved in IT at a company in Tokyo. Experienced development in the launch department of new services. He is currently working on EC production as a web director.

In charge / EC construction