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Blue Period Big Warift Tool Bag

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The popular Big Canvas Tote Bag has renewed the material.

The large capacity is left as it is, and it is made of lightweight and durable warif (leisure sheet material).

The matte texture has a chic finish regardless of the scene.

Designed the motifs that appear during the work and the logo of the Blue Period Domuse Shop.

For a sophisticated impression with the hands of designer Yoshie Fukushima.

Put art materials or travelGoodbyeI also recommend it.

Convenient 2 -way specification that can be held and shoulder.

The handle is made of a soft jacquard fabric for the handle so that it does not hurt for a long time.

Material: Warif material (polypropylene)
Size: Approximately W610XH430XD180 (with inner pocket)
design:Yoshie Fukushima
Production:Fab4design Co., Ltd.