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Blue Period Special Box

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Twitter, bookstore benefits, 4 books, Ryuji Ayukawa Instagram, etc.
In addition to a gorgeous sketchbook style illustration collection
4 newly written character pricklas, pallet -style large format postcards,
Hand cream and brush -type ballpoint pens were put in an oil picture tree -style box
It is a special pleasure box like an art material set.


● Sketchbook type / Rakugaki book

・ Twitter published illustration & manga
・ Ryuji Ayukawa Instagram
・ Character setting illustration
・ A newly written 5P "After taking the exam"
・ 3 newly written illustrations
・ 24 animation notification illustrations
・ 2022 New Year's card
・ Anime countdown illustration
・ Bookstore benefits & specially designed illustrations
・ 4 frames below the book cover
・ Cut magazine

● Four newly written character prikura

・ Yatsutora x Ryuji x Mori Senpai
・ Ya Tora x Setata
・ Yatsutora x Kuwana x Hashida
・ Ya Tora x Juneda x Koigakubo x Utajima

● Painted hand cream

● Pallet type large format postcard

● Brush -type ballpoint pen

● Oil paint wooden box style box



Illustration/Yamaguchi Tsubasa
design/Yoshie Fukushima
Production company/Misenaga Printing