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Cover with connected spine

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Book covers are now available as MAGs original goods that will make manga even more fun.

When the cover is attached and the book is placed on a bookshelf, the pattern on the spine will continue to form a continuous design.
Ippei Tsujio has translated motifs related to manga, such as panel divisions, speech bubbles, and screen tones, into textiles.
Contains 5 sheets in 5 types: "Frame", "Tone", "Speech bubble", "Effect line", and "Paper".
Because it uses fine paper, it is soft to the touch.
Monochrome style that blends well with your room interior and bookshelf.

There are dots at the bottom of the spine so you can see the order in which they should be arranged.
Please use this as a guide when arranging the number of volumes.

Different patterns are used for each work, and they are interwoven. Also to protect your favorite manga.
The B6 size is great for manga books.


Package size/height 185mm x width 320mm (B6 size)
Maximum size of the main unit: 235mm in height x 365mm in width
design/Ippei TsujioTOAL inc.
Package design/Naano Orikasa
Production/Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.