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KINTO Water Bottle C (TOSEI)

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Lightweight and compact that supports daily hydration.
A material suitable for everyday use has a characteristic that is hard to scratch and cracked.
The lid that can be easily opened and closed with one turn has a handle that fits your hands and is easy to hold.
It is a design that can be easily carried around.
By adding water, the transparency of the material and the beauty of the form stand out.

It has a matching design with the tote bag, so
By all means with school, company, and baseball support.
* This product will be "Kiri".

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φ70 x H200 mm / 500 ml / 75 g
* The height of the body (no lid) H172 mm

Precautions for handling

[Container, lid] Capacity: 500ml / Material: PCT resin / heat resistance temperature: 80 ° C [packing] Material: Silicone rubber / heat resistance temperature: 100 ° C / BPA free / Made in China ○ This product is for drinking. It is a bottle ○ Cannot be used in a microwave oven ○ Please do not place it near the fire ○ After use, remove the dirt as soon as possible, dry it sufficiently. Please do not do it ○ Because it may cause deformation, please avoid storing the product so that the product is applied to the product when using it in a dishwasher ○ Do not put it in the place where infants reach. Please do not swing around because it may cause unexpected injuries or accidents ○ Please do not drop or give a strong impact because it may cause damage or water leakage ○ There is a possibility that the liquid inside may be spilled. , Do not shake or give strong vibration ○ Please do not add dry ice because the container swells and causes damage or injury ○ Please do not put it in the freezer because it may cause deformation or damage ○. Be careful not to put too much drinks because there is a possibility that it will overflow when closing the lid ○ Please use the silicone packing correctly ○ Please do not leave it in a high temperature such as in the car ○ Drinks. Please do not leave it for a long time with the contents of the contents of the contents. ○ Please do not use it for drinks containing citrus because it may be deteriorated by the terpen contained in citrus skin ○ Detergent or deformation. Please do not put boiling water because it will cause ○ The polishing mark may stand out, but it is a smooth finish of the protrusions that occur at the time of manufacturing. It is not a crack that occurs at the time of molding