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Magical bijou can (red)

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The special items of "Atelier of the Tongkiri hat" are packed in magical bijou cans!

The magic bijou can (red) designs a brim hat and a hats of the magical police.
A special bijou can with a convex can is perfect for putting treasures.
Deep Bordeaux blizes.

Mirror of matching design and matching design,
Special foil stamping masking tape with brim caps lined up.
Linen's badge designed with magic tools, magic circle can badge, etc. in the dark night like magic ...

It is a design by Sava Design Harada, all of which are familiar with the book design of the book.
There are plenty of items that can only be obtained here!
Please enjoy it carefully at hand.

"set content"
・ Magical bijou can (red)
・ Foil stamping masking tape (black)
・ Can mirror (red)
・ Sankaku can badge (Koko, Agat, Tetia, Riche)
・ Linen can badge (magic ink)
・ Hikaru can badge in the dark night (wind magic circle)

* The colors and patterns of the contents are different between blue and red. Please check both!

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Magical bijou can (red)

・ Magical bijou can: Diameter 104mm x height 37mm
・ Foil stamping masking tape: 20mm width x 5m
・ Can mirror: 76mm in diameter
・ Sankaku can badge: Ichibe 70mm
・ Linen can badge: 38mm in diameter
・ Hikaru can badge in dark night: Diameter about 38mm

Manufacturing company/Osaka Seikan Co., Ltd.(Bijou can)

design/Sava design