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MAGS Square Poster (Atelier of Tongry Hat)

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"Turn a scene from a comic book into an art poster."

MAGs Square Poster gives shape to this thought.

Designer Asuka Wakita has selected the best illustrations, materials, and printing methods to express the world of "Atelier of the Tongari Hats" in this special poster.

It is a compact record jacket size that matches any place. The coloring is reminiscent of parchment paper and antique textures,
The poster features a delicate shot of Coco and Coco wearing a brimmed hat.
The eyes of Coco in the brimmed hat are overlaid with gold ink, giving the eyes a dull, bewitching glow.

Various square posters are now on sale at MAGs.
Why don't you display the posters of your favorite works side by side?

For those who want to decorate carefully, we have a UV -cut processed frame.
* Poster frames in the image are sold separately.

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size/315 x 315mm

Paper/French Marble Sunset 46 Y180kg
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Source/Episode 28 "Magic to erase magic"

design/Asuka Wakita

Manufacturing/Toppan Co., Ltd.