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MAGs Square Poster Blue Period

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"One scene of manga into art posters"
MAGS Square Poster forms such thoughts.

A special poster selected by designer Asuka Wakita with the best scenes, materials, and printing methods to maximize the charm of "Blue Pilliod".
It is a compact record jacket size that matches any place.

A special paper of deep ultra -blue expresses the depth of the sea, and the silver special ink expresses the glitter of the sea.
It seems like the psychological depiction of Yagita emerges.


MAGS sells square posters of various works.
Why don't you decorate the posters of your favorite works side by side?
For those who want to decorate carefully, we have a UV -cut processed frame.

MAGSSquare poster frame

Click here for white

Click here for black


size:315 x 315mm

Paper/OK Kaisel Ruri
Ink/Special 1C LR shine silver
Source/Blue Pilliod 20th brush "Where are we going?"

design/Asuka Wakita

Manufacturing/Toppan Co., Ltd.