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MAGS Square Poster (skip and loafers)

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"One scene of manga into art posters"
MAGS Square Poster forms such thoughts.

A special poster selected by designer Asuka Wakita, the best illustration, material, and printing method that brings out the charm of "skip and loafers".
It is a compact record jacket size that matches any place.

Based on the gentle original picture that makes Mitsumi -chan and Shima smiling unintentionally, a refreshing yellow like Mimosa adds a warmth.

MAGS sells square posters of various works.
Why don't you decorate the posters of your favorite works side by side?
For those who want to decorate carefully, we have a UV -cut processed frame.

"please note"
This poster uses a special blended paper.
The blended paper is a fine paper that is salty with a visible mixture as a pattern, with a natural, simple warmth texture.
Due to the characteristics of the paper, black fiber may be mixed.
Please enjoy each paper as a different texture.

* Poster frames in the image are sold separately.

MAGSSquare poster frame

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size:315 x 315mm
Paper/Bumpel White 46 Y 170kg
Ink/Goddess Super Black, TOKA FLASH VIVA DX 580 Minel Vay Yellow
source/Skip and loafers Scene2 "Karaoke Box"

design/Asuka Wakita

Manufacturing/Toppan Co., Ltd.