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Painting style hand cream

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Hand cream with a design like a real paint.
The color of the cream is also slightly blue.
It is easy to use in any scene.
"If you look blue, the rabbit body can be blue."
Refreshing blue apple scent.

Hand cream design/Asuka Wakita

Title Design/Yoshie Fukushima
Scent・texture design/Shintaro Ichii (aroma gift)


All ingredients: Water, Comineka oil, BG, triethyl hexanoinin, stearate glycerl (SE), apple fruit culture cell extract, shea fat, honey, fullerene, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolysis collagen, eye leaf/stem extract, soy milk. Fermented liquid, glycerin, isosteararic acid pepper, stearline, stearline, stearylic acid, laurelic acid polyglyceric-10, laurelic acid, carboomer, kissantan gum, ethylhexyl glycerin, phenoxyetanol, fenoxyetanol, EDTA-2NE, tocopherol, pvp, pvp, blue , Fragrance