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Two -sided coaster (set of 4)

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"Killer" and "everyday" two -sided coaster.

A reversible specification that allows you to enjoy the duality of fabric, one aspect of "everyday" that makes you laugh unintentionally of a "killer" full of tension.

It is a functional coaster using highly water -absorbing diatomaceous earth.
Eliminates the problem of wheel jimi that adhered to the desk !!
The table does not wet with the water and the water when the glass is lifted without wetting the table.

Akira, Yoko, eucalyptus, and thistle.

We use safe diatomaceous earth. ]
We conduct asbestos tests by the manufacturer (MAW Co., Ltd.) and deliver safe diatomaceous soil that does not affect the body.

Size/85 x 85mm

design/Takeuchi shun

Manufacturing/MAW Co., Ltd.