Blue Pilio de Museum Shop

Blue Pillio de Museum Shop

With Blue Pilio de Museum Shop


Kodansha "Monthly Afternoon" This is an official goods shop in collaboration with "Blue Pilioide" and the original Yamaguchi Dish and the new designers.

The planning of the Blue Pilio de Museum Shop is
I would like to make a goodness that can feel the fun of creation of a bluepiriobe and the fun of materials.
And it starts with the feelings that you want to spread the world of blue pyriobe through goods.
In this blog, we plan to deliver introduction such as the process of goods production and the designer who has been indebted.


This time, we will show you the initial concept of the shop with the image.




Shop image illustration making to decorate the top of the site.



Since it was a color of fluorescent color, I did not express a color well with the photos and scans, but the staff worked hard.


Did you enjoy it?
The next time we will deliver the production process of hand acrylic key holder.

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