Talk of hand acrylic key holder

Story of hand acrylic key chain to draw

This time I'm talking about the street I talked about the hand acrylic key chain story.


It is originally like to make key chains with acrylic
It was decided to create an acrylic key holder for each cover hand.



When I was looking for acrylic fitted to each character, it is possible to make various things with patterns of acrylicI will disturb you to Miyuki Acryl.



There are a lot of acrylics of various patterns, and I'm excited just by looking.



Haruna's acrylic chosen.
These acrylics seem to be made with Miyuki Acryl.
And one sheet is cut out of this large acrylic board and becomes a key holder.

This acrylic seems to have a cloth in time.
If the black pattern is cool and the gold pattern is cool, if it comes out of Yakumo-I also talk with Yamaguchi and the staff.

Since I had not fitted with the image, I asked for a cloth and made custom-made acrylic.
truly, thank you very much.



Miyuki Acryll is a part that can be used for accessories and such as accessories and wants to respond flexibly to various details! It is recommended when
Sometimes workshops are also held.

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